Monitor, Manage and Communicate

At the core of CitiPlanIt is the Urban Intelligence Engine

As the world's leading provider of urban intelligence software, CitiPlanIt delivers products and services that help accelerate holistic urban planning innovation for our clients. We believe that doing so will unleash growth and create significant new value-for our clients, CitiPlanIt, and ultimately, entire regions and the world's urban economy at large. CitiPlanIt's founders have served many communities from distinct solutions addressing the needs of small towns and midsize cities, to suite offerings for global organizations.

We execute by holistically collecting, organizing and applying information as intelligence. Our insights come from both software and people combing experienced public policy know-how with facts and actionable data to transform everyday urban routines, lifestyles, development and maintenance.

The Urban Intelligence Engine provides a transparent platform to build a consolidated cross stakeholder strategy unifying city managers, citizens, civic groups and business.

A device agnostic, cloud based tool that provides a centralized dashboard to anyone with internet connectivity. The Urban Intelligence Engine delivers real time access to project status, city metrics and discussion boards providing a forum to establish a fluid dialog about ongoing issues and opportunities.